OSB Airstop

OSB Airstop  core is OSB Superfinish described by EN 300 standard as OSB/3 type (load-bearing board for use in humid conditions). A special foil of cellulose is applied on this board via adhesive laminating process. The foil reduces the differences in the boards’ heterogeneity therefore giving the precise defined values of airtightness and vapor resistance. In the diffusion-open structure this allows for installation of reinforced sheathing, airtight barrier and vapor check at once. OSB focuses closely on the needs of current construction trends of modern low-energy and, in particular, passive wooden houses which have higher requirements for airtightness of external building envelope.


EN 300 - type OSB 3; EN 13501-1: class D-s1, d0; EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Formaldehyde class

E1 (EN 120) No added Formaldehyde


- Environmentally friendly and Recyclable
- Simple processing with conventional woodworking tools


- Load-bearing wall sheathing

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