Finish Foil

Finish Foil is coloured or printed paper refined with a lacquer-coated surface.

It is applied in the furniture, especially for living rooms and bedrooms, for wall and ceiling panels in interior decoration, in caravan construction and many more applications. It's usually supplied as decor finish foil in reels and, by way of a separate layer of adhesive, glued to a wood-based substrate - PB, MDF/HDF.

The Finish Foils are perfectly matched to our new designs in Trends 14/15 and Trends 16/17 collections.

Weight: 50 to 100 g/m2
Width: max. 2070 mm
Lenght: by request

For further information please contact our partners.

Trends 14/15 Number Decor Name Finish Foil
K001 White Craft Oak
K002 Grey Craft Oak
K003 Gold Craft Oak
K004 Tobacco Craft Oak
K005 Oyster Urban Oak Interprint
K006 Amber Urban Oak
K007 Coffee Urban Oak
K008 Light Select Walnut schattdecor
K009 Dark Select Walnut
K010 White Loft Pine
K011 Cream Loft Pine
Light Atelier Interprint
4299 Dark Atelier
Trends 16/17 Number Decor Name Finish Foil
K012 Pearl Artisan Beech schattdecor
K013 Sand Artisan Beech
K014 Truffle Artisan Beech
K015 Vintage Marine Wood Surteco
K016 Carbon Marine Wood
K017 Blonde Liberty Elm Interprint
K018 Smoked Liberty Elm
K019 Silver Liberty Elm
K020 Fireside Select Walnut schattdecor
K021 Barley Blackwood Impress
K022 Satin Blackwood


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