Gloss GL

Gloss Boards (GL) are produced on the basis of melamine faced technology, but with gloss texture. Gloss Boards (GL) are formed by laminating a particleboard type P2 (according to EN 312) with a decorative, resin-impregnated paper. Gloss Boards (GL) are for use in dry conditions. Gloss boards (GL) are available in 3 essential plain colors and a variety of thicknesses.


EN 14322; EN 312 - type P2

Formaldehyde Class

E1 (EN 120)


- Cost advantageous
- Easy processing
- Easy to clean
- High mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance
- High stability


- Furniture components
- Partitions
- Exhibitions (displays, stands, kiosks)
- Retail and commercial applications


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